Selling your house

Have you realised your dream and done that extension, added the conservatory or put the summer house or extra shed in the garden and your builder said thats ok, doesn’t need planning permission*

But now you have to move to pastures new! And have put your house on the market!

But your estate agent has said you may need this legal proof that you did not need planning permission Or the buyer’s solicitor now wants that legal proof and they won’t exchange without it.

Alban Design Limited will check if your extension/building works complies with pd rights* or does indeed need planning permission and produce the drawings and details and make the relevant applications ** on your behalf.


*The ‘Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015’ grants certain ‘permitted development rights’ that allow extension and other development to houses (does not apply to flats) without the need for planning permission

**Legal proof that you benefited from the above ‘permitted rights’ can be gained by applying for a ‘Certificate of Lawfulness’.

However if the development exceeds permitted rights then a retrospective application for planning consent would be required. Sometimes, especially on houses built since the 1980’s, the developments to which your house in part of can have had those ‘permitted development rights’ removed. Please note such an application can take 8 weeks from valid reception – it is therefore better to contact Alban Design Limited when you put your house on the market and not when you have a seller as this may delay the selling process.